Send One-time Readable, Self Destructing Message with Moolup Messenger

At so many occasions, we need to send confidential data like PINs, credit card numbers, passwords and other such information but our major fear stays what if the sent information remains on the recipient's phone and gets misused.

Recently launched, FREE to use and amazingly simple, Moolup Messenger is an app for Android phones to send one-time readable, self destructing message with picture to any one with a smartphone. The best part is that the recipient does not need to have this app or any other app installed on their phone to read this message - and this makes Moolup Messenger stand out in the crowd.

So how does it work? You select a recipient from the addressbook, write a message, optionally attach a picture, give message a display validity in number of seconds and click on the 'Send' button'. The recipient receives an SMS text message with a web link to open. On opening the link, a web page in recipient's smartphone opens, displaying the message and the picture.

A lovely count-down timer shows the time left to read the message. Once the specified time is over, the message disappears. Once read, the message will not open again even if the web page is refreshed or if the link in the SMS text is reopened.